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Bookings MUST be made for ALL Visits

To Book:

  1. Discuss the proposed visit with your class and the Principal
  2. Investigate what transport you will use to travel
  3. Choose the date for your visit AT LEAST TWO (2) WEEKS AHEAD 
           - No visits within the week you phone
           - Have alternative dates available
  4. Phone 035-797 3204/3278 (between 8am and 4pm weekdays) to make a booking
  5. The information WE NEED TO KNOW 
           - School's Name
           -Your Name or the name of the accompanying educators
           - Preferred date and time of visit
           - Details of learners attending USC- number and Grade, Language preference, subjects covered
           - A contact number for you or the school
           - Whether you are visiting anywhere else on the same day.
           - Whether you will attend the ENTIRE 4 hour programme, or which parts
  6. Finalise your transport arrangements, confirm them the day before departing
  7. Depart ON TIME on the correct day in order to arrive ON TIME
  8. On arrival at the ZCB Community Park (Gate 1) report to the Science Centre, and pay your fee 

Industry or other visits must be booked separately BY YOU, and only starting from 14:00

Organising a Visit to the UNIZUL Science Centre

Up to a 4 Hour Visit for as little as R8 per learner (local) or R10 (visitor)

UNIZUL Science Centre: three fascinating science and technology experiences

- A Scintillating science show with state-of-the-art equipment by Southern Africa’s BEST presenters (topics will change but all will be relevant to the curriculum) NOW in our new 200-seater auditorium 
- Explore over 200 interactive science exhibits INCLUDING New Exhibits from Belgium and London
- A workshop, movie or environmental programme.

Zululand Career Center: two more informative activities
-CareerQuest (grades 9-12) assistance in choosing a career OR
LifeQuest (grades R-8) lifeskills for the road to success

Necessary Information:

The activities above last 4 hours, and are open to school groups of up to 80 learners from Grades R to 12 every weekday. A normal 4 hour visit costs R 8 per learner, to be paid as a lump sum by the educator on arrival (NOT individually by each learner). There is a minimum charge of R 300 per group (even if the group is fewer than 40 learners). Cheques should be made out to “University of Zululand Foundation”. (Groups from outside the Zululand area will pay R 10 per learner, minimum charge of  R 300)

As you will probably travel a long way to Richards Bay, we strongly recommend you make the most of your trip by participating in all the activities above. Such a visit will last four hours, preferably from 9:00 - 13:00. This will allow your learners a lunch break before any other visits or activities. If you cannot make it by 9:00, special arrangements for your visit will have to be made. You do not have to attend all the above activities, and are welcome to leave some out if you need a shorter visit (but the price will be the same). (Afternoons are reserved for special planetarium shows in the Science Centre ONLY. These visits cost R10 per learner for groups of up to 60, and last 3 hours, including a Science show and science exhibits with a show in Zululand’s ONLY digital planetarium. Please enquire for more details). For more details generally, phone us or check our website: http://www.unizulsc.com